About Us

Canal Dover Furniture We've been here in the Valley, crafting heirloom quality furniture since 1989. Having started as a small business owned by a father/son team, we've grown quite a bit since then. We now fill a 55,000 square foot facility with approximately 80 employees and equipment that ranges from hand tools to CNC routers. In 2009, we purchased the Canal Dover Furniture company, and moved the production to our facility here in Mt. Hope, Ohio. In an effort to avoid confusion, we've decided to combine the Valley View Oak and Canal Dover Furniture lines under the Canal Dover Furniture name.

Our DFF&C Philosophy If you're looking for Design, Fit, Finish, and the option of Customization, you're on the right website. Our goal is to have up-to-date and well engineered furniture that is built with excellence in mind. The details of how things fit together are crucial to us.It's also important to us that the finish that protects your furniture is the best catalyzed conversion varnish available. Along with all of these standards, we also offer you more customization than other furniture companies. You can either stick with the standard product , or have us quote a completely custom piece just for you.

Bench Crafted What does "bench crafted" even mean? For us it means experienced craftsmen using their expertise to build one piece of furniture at a time. It means paying attention to details that typically don't get noticed in a high production assembly line. Fortunately in our case, it also means having hard working Amish and Mennonite craftsmen caring about providing you with a beautiful piece of furniture. Wonderful things happen when you take the work ethic passed down from generation to generation of Amish and Mennonite families, and marry that with the time-tested techniques that have been in the furniture world for years.

For You Here at Canal Dover we don't build a bunch of product then make you pick from an inventory. Each order is custom built for you, with your color and size specs in mind. In the past 20 years, we've put together a wide variety of collections. Feel free to use these collections as your springboard. Or if you'd rather be eclectic, join the individual pieces from different collections, and create a look that is completely you. Either way, you've got the advantage of having it built only for you.