Our DFF&C Philosophy

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In the world of furniture, there's such a wide variety of designs. The most typical in our area are the Traditional Amish looks that have become so well known over the past several decades. Then you'll have the sleek Italian designs that catch the attention of the Modern lovers. We don't want to fill every niche in the market, but our goal is to provide a great variety of up to date designs that can fit into most any walk of life. We use a combination of in-house designers and independent designers to come up with our mix of product.


Doors, moldings, drawers, table leaves, mortise and tenons. There are so many places on a piece of furniture that demand a correct fit, and we make it a priority to get that correct fit. Over the years, we have developed spacers, sanders, and techniques that help us acheive a proper fit.


The finish on a piece of furniture is like the icing on a cake. You can have the most marvelous chocolate cake and if the icing looks appalling, you'll have a hard time convincing people to try it. We strive to keep the icing very appealing. Whether it's the updated colors or the state of the art equipment that we maintain, a lot of money is spent to insure that our finish only beautifies the craftsmanship that's underneath. 


Since we don't claim to be mind readers, we know that we won't be able to please everyone with the furniture in our lineup. And that's why we offer the customization that we do. Some people consider a piece of furniture customized if they can pick the color and the size. Well, that's pretty standard procedure for us. Every piece is built to order, taking into consideration whatever species, color, or size specs that you give us. But if you want to have a really custom piece, we can do that too. Just send us a sketch or image of what you're looking to create, then we'll provide a proposal for you. If you choose to proceed, we will create 3D drawings for your approval before building the piece for you. See our Custom & Contract page for more info on this process.