Our DFF&C Philosophy

Keeping up with trends is no easy feat anymore. That’s why we employ designers, and use the expertise of independent designers to bring you some great, up to date furniture in a variety of styles to fit your home

We strive to provide you with furniture that not only looks good, but also functions well. Crooked doors and drawer, misaligned leaves, poorly functioning mechanisms, and shoddily installed moldings are things that don’t fly here.

Smooth and durable. It’s what we look for in our industry leading catalyzed conversion varnish. Whether you’ve chosen a simple stain color, or an intricate multi-step finish, it’s all protected with the same great topcoat.

If picking your wood, color, fabrics, and sizes isn’t custom enough for you, we’ve got a team of engineering and CAD specialists that work with skilled craftsmen to build that exclusive piece of furniture that you’ve been dreaming of.