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Chair Assembly (Video)

Nicholas and Lisa show us how chairs are assembled here at our facility. A little glue and a little TLC and these chairs are ready for years of enjoyment by your family.

Sanding Technique Explained (Video)

In this video Nicholas and Nelson will show you how seriously we take sanding at our shop. Properly sanding furniture pieces is essential to making fine crafted furniture!

How a Router Makes Furniture (Video)

In this quick video we Nicholas and David will demonstrate how we use our 5-axis router to make the individual pieces of your furniture fit together beautifully!

Our Finish Process (Video)

Here’s a video showing the in-depth finish process our furniture goes through before making it into your home.

New Website Introduction

Here is a quick introduction to our new website and the features that we have added. Besides a fresh look, we have added a new menu and product filters that will help you find products faster. We have been working very hard to update our Square One products so you can build out a SKU list of the options you want and print it out to take to a dealer near you!

How To Clean And Care For Solid Wood Furniture

Proper cleaning of your table ensures its beauty and longevity. We strongly recommend reading the tips below to keep your furniture in top condition. There are many things that will collect on the surface of wood finishes. Such as cooking oils and fumes, fingerprints, dust, and smoking residue. Generally a soft damp cloth followed by…

Cleaning Fabric Stains

  Blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb as much of the spill as possible. If the stain is in an area where the back of the fabric can be reached, like a zippered cushion, a towel should be placed on the back of the stained area to absorb excess…

Table Top Shape Options

Choose from our variety of table shapes.

Chair Base Information

Turn any chair into a Desk Chair with our 5-star Caster Base (with or without a gas lift), or transform any Counter/Bar Chair into a swivel Counter/Bar Stool.

Cabinet Options

Lighting Features Create a stunning presentation with standard LED lighting.   Hutch Back Options Create depth with a mirror back or add a hardwood shiplap back to your hutch.


Join the fun and upload your pictures on

social media of our furniture using #CanalDover.


Join the fun and upload your pictures on social media of our furniture using #CanalDover.